New technologies: Big challenge for non-dynamic organizations?

Innovation should be thought as a process, not as a goal. The world is changing very quickly and organizations need to move fast, so it’s not about how to innovate but to create the space to let the innovation happen.

Current mid-range level managers are Baby Boomers or Gen X that have a big challenge to manage new generation developers.

There are very few old school developers willing to learn new languages, most of them just stay coding in the same language they started coding, so we can think that new technologies are going to be mastered by new developers, I mean, Millennial developers.

Millennials understand the world in a different way, not better or worse, just different. They are not affected by the technological changes around them, and they actually enjoy learning new technologies. This is why Millennials will master new languages naturally, and that’s why companies who want to innovate will need to know how to deal with them.

So, innovation translates to our capability to give Millennials the space to learn and build new stuff. Current managers will need to adapt themselves to work with them, and that means to accept remote working, informal communication, and setting up goals instead of requesting 8 hours per day, etc.

How is your company dealing with this? Is it dealing with it at all?

Some startups are starting to accept Remote Working as they know that they can find better skilled developers faster and for less money. They only care for what the developers deliver and not the time they spend doing it. There are a lot of issue tracker tools that help to organize and supervise work . There are a lot of instant messaging tools available to have real time discussions by topic that help everyone in the organization to be updated with the latest status. Millennials handle these tools naturally. X Gen developers are also incurring in this process as they understand that this impacts positively in their performance.

Nowadays we can know where our Uber is, how long it will take to arrive and how much our trip will cost. So who is going to waste time in a corner waiting for a cub? The same happens with the new ways of working. If you have the chance to hire developers remotely and do the job easily for less money, why are you not doing it?

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